Transaction Packing, Inc.
Transaction Packing, Inc.Transaction Packing, Inc.
TPI offers freight containerization services for containerized shipping - using open top, flat rack or specialized containers for air, rail or sea transport.

TPI Containerization

Container Freight Services

TPI specializes in the preparation of containers for ocean, rail and highway transportation. We handle over 1,000 containers a month, including standard, flat-racks and open-top. Utilize our expertise in designing creative solutions for securing your cargo specific to the mode of shipping.

Our services include:

  • Loading or transloading 20 ft., 40 ft., high-cube, open-top and flat rack containers
  • Blocking and bracing to prevent moving or shifting during handling and transport
  • Preparing schematic load plans for all containers, detailing the position of each piece
  • Sealing and securing containers with numbered seals

Open Top Containerization

TPI uses open top containers for the loading of out-of-gauge freight, such as project cargo or freight that requires access from the top, such as machinery. With our huge fleet of forklifts, we are capable of packing heavy haul to prepare it for transportation.

Flat Rack Containerization

Flat rack containers are specifically designed to carry especially heavy loads and over-width cargo. They are available in both fixed-end and collapsible configurations, with or without walls. TPI assesses the load size and analyzes the equipment prior to packing to guarantee maximum efficiency. For added protection, we safeguard your cargo against extreme weather conditions.

Specialized Containerization

If your unique, oversized cargo needs to be shipped, TPI will think outside the box to design custom racks and engineer effective solutions to pack and transport your load. To secure your items, we provide blocking and bracing, and air cushions to prevent movement or damage. With these proven techniques, we containerize specialty items such as:

  • Pipe
  • Tiles
  • Wine
  • Oilfield equipment

Our methods help prevent rejection at the port or rail, in turn avoiding the expenses of double handling or delayed delivery.

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