Transaction Packing, Inc.
Transaction Packing, Inc.Transaction Packing, Inc.
TPI provides project cargo handling for shipping oversized loads, such as piping, on spacious lay down yards to pack your freight legally & securely.

Project Cargo

For Oversized and Heavy Haul

The spacious TPI facility enables us to provide project cargo handling for your oversized loads. We offer the flexibility, versatility and expertise you need to engineer custom crating, and our experienced staff designs cost-effective plans to pack your load and fit your budget.  We have extensive experience handling difficult cargo such as pipe, mud pumps and machinery, and we handle any other cargo that can be loaded in containers, open tops or flat racks. We also use special wooden bracing to protect and preserve its curvature.

Lay Down Yards

For large, out-of-gauge cargo, we pack and store your freight in our lay down yards.

TPI lay down yards feature:

  • Secured locations with 24/7 patrol guard and cameras
  • Stabilized concrete

Let’s work together on project cargo.

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    7 days a week
  • No weight or size limitations
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